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Koichi Onozawa《Porcelain lacquerware bowl《


Born in 1983 in Toshima Ward, Tokyo, currently lives in Tochigi Prefecture. Handling ceramics, lacquer, and tin

“Primitive beauty in modernity”
Primitive + Contemporary

Approximately 18,000 years have passed since humans first began making clay vessels.
What can I do to live my life now?

I feel within myself the Japanese sense of beauty, which has found beauty in natural and coincidental forms. Deflections, marks, cracks, and tears...the manifestation of a moment's breathing.
Respecting soil, lacquer, and all history, we add the "present" to the future.
We create something that resonates and connects deep within our hearts, transcending time and all differences.

Mr. Onozawa's concept is expressed in his work.

This work can be used in a variety of situations, such as as a vessel, as a flower vase using a tsurugi mountain, or as an object.




330g (With Box873g)


Pottery/Clay Lacquer/luaquer with paulownia box

*Do not use in the microwave, dishwasher, or oven.

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