Hands on Design-Dervish Mini-

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A flower vase inspired by the dervish dance, which is characterized by its swirling movements.
It looks like three glass flowers doing a dervish dance.
Even just a single flower can brighten up any space.

Design: KANZ Architetti -2016/18
Material: Borosilicate glass

《Soffieria》 Since 1970, through various stages, we have been engaged in the research and development of customized models in a highly artistic field where professional ability and creative commitment are in perfect harmony. Specializing in borosilicate glass, Soffieria Veneziana combines material knowledge and design expertise to shape glass and create objects with unique character.

*Each item is handmade. There may be differences in color, shape, and size between the image and the work you receive, but we hope that you will enjoy the individuality of the product.

Mesurement / Weight

ø10 h19cm


Borosilicate glass