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These vases are carved into shapes one by one using a lathe from a large block of wood, with horizontal lines engraved on the surface that seem to represent the passage of time due to annual rings. Lines are continuous or
It is interrupted by vertical lines in the middle, and is finished irregularly, as if it were a mark of growth. The presence of wood will add depth to the space just by decorating it, but you can also use it as a vase by placing a regular cup inside. Because it is made from solid wood, cracks and cracks may appear on the surface over time, but please enjoy the change over time as a characteristic of the material.

Design: Massimo Barbierato - 2017
Manufacturer: Lorenzo Franceschinis
Material:Cypress wood,Metal oxides based finishing

《Lorenzo Franceschinis》Although he grew up in the hinterland of the Friuli region,
Lorenzo Franceschini, a man with a rebellious spirit who always aimed for distant countries, returned to his hometown in 2010 and began his career as a woodworker.
A lover of authenticity, he has chosen to return to handcrafting, where quality is a priority in every aspect.
His innate tendency to experiment and innovate quickly freed him from the traditional carpenter's doctrine that the imposition of monotony and continuity came at the expense of the soul of the material itself.

*Each item is handmade. There may be differences in color, shape, and size between the image and the work you receive, but we hope that you will enjoy the individuality of the product.

Mesurement / Weight

Anni L - Rust-:ø 19 h 36.5 cm
Anni S - Rust-:ø 13 h 24.5 cm
Anni XS - Rust-:ø 8.5 h 16 cm
Anni S - Black-:ø 13 h 24.5 cm
Anni S - Grey-:ø 13 h 24.5 cm


Cypress wood