Tagotto Fukanonatsu -Weed Lease 3-

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Tagotto Fukanonatsu -Framed Weed Wreath 3-




Born in Shiga, lives in Kanagawa.
In 2019, I started observing and making specimens of herbs and ferns that grow naturally in my garden.
Have fun and work with your hands for a day that isn't special.
In order to look forward to this ordinary daily life with intention, we have put our thoughts into the fictional word tagotto.

Things that are already around us, very close to us.
He observes, thinks about things, tries his hand at things, fails, and secretly laughs.
That's how I spend my days.


This work is filled with Fukano's personality and delicate sewing techniques.



W25.5cm x D1.5cm x H31.5cm




weed ash wood


*As we use real plants, the color may vary. Please enjoy the various changes of plants over time.




Mesurement / Weight

W25.5cm×D1.5cm×H31.5cm Weight:488g


Weed Ash wood