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Hitti is a large centerpiece made from oak.
Ricardo Monti, who is an architect but also creates art pieces, successfully balances the theoretical aspects of an architect with the playful side of an artist.

Design and Manufacture:Riccardo Monte - 2020
Material: Oak Wood

《Riccardo Monte》Riccardo Monte, who studied at Politecnico di Milano and worked in London, decided to return to his hometown of Ornavasso and set up a workshop in the Alps.
Ricardo processes wood very simply, using few tools and respecting the material. Starting with solid wood, use a chainsaw to remove excess material and finish the surface.
Through the sculptural act of cleaning up excess material,
He acquires furniture and decorative items with a strong material aspect and landscape presence.
Finally, Ricardo carbonizes the surface to emphasize the shape, veins, and character of the piece.

*Each item is handmade. There may be differences in color, shape, and size between the image and the work you receive, but we hope that you will enjoy the individuality of the product.

Mesurement / Weight

M:w 52 d 22 h10 cm
S:w 35 d 15 h8.5 cm


Oak Wood